Choosing Window Treatments – Where Do You Start?

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There is a Method to Designing Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments can be tricky. You shouldn’t just choose a fabric and haphazardly decide on any kind of window treatment to be made. Many things need to be taking into consideration:

  • How is the room used?choosing Window Treatments
  • Do you need light control or privacy?
  • Is the room drafty? Do you need insulating properties?
  • Is the window an unusual shape? Do you want to highlight it or hide it?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want the window treatment to be a focal point or to blend in?
  • How much of the window do you want to cover?
  • What kind of mood do you want for the space?

Your Answers to Choosing Window Treatments

Your answers will help us guide you to decide what type of window treatment would be best for your situation. Here is a list of just some of the things we would be able to suggest:choosing Window Treatments

  • The appropriate type of lining – blackout, sheer, standard, or perhaps you’ll want interlining to help hold in the heat/cold.
  •  If you want a dramatic statement, we would include layers of drapery with valances, swags or cornices. Or if the budget allowed, we would suggest trim, tassels or other embellishments – just be careful not to overpower the room!
  • If you want the window to blend into the space, we would suggest a fabric similar in color to the wall color, and a lighter, simpler window treatment.
  • For specialty shaped windows, like arches, eyebrow or angled, there are several Hunter Douglas and Norman products that could be custom made for these styles of windows. Or we would design a fabric window treatment to either cover the shape if you want to hide it or follow the shape if you wanted to draw attention to it.
  • If you don’t want to cover up the wood trim around your window but still want privacy, we could mount a shutter, blind or a Roman shade inside the window frame – if there is enough room.

We specialize in dressing any windows, but especially difficult windows. We are knowledgeable and have the experience to help you make your vision a reality! Call us today for an appointment. 586-254-4713

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