Custom Pillows vs Store Bought Pillows

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Custom Pillows Should Look Better Than Store Bought

Store bought pillows are mass produced in a factory and your choices are limited as to how they look. Custom pillows are made to your specifications.

  • The style you want – lumbar, square, neckroll or round
  • The size you want
  • The perfect fabric and color for your space
  • Down or poly insert
  • Beautiful trim or welt that sets them apart from other pillows.

We LOVE to make custom pillows and the options are endless! Here are some things to consider when buying pillows:

The Devil Is In The Details With Custom Pillows

How does the pattern look on your store bought pillows? Before we cut the fabric, we look at what would look best centered in the pillow – taking into consideration the style and size of the pillow. If there is a stripe we make sure it will match from the front to the back. We labor over this step because if it isn’t cut well, it will not look its best.

custom pillows

If there is welt or trim, can you tell where the seamstress joined them? In most cases you should have to look to find the join on custom pillows. With some beaded and braided trims it is impossible to hide the join, so on those trims we cover the join with a piece of matching fabric.

We also put an invisible zipper in our custom pillows. Do your store bought pillows have that? Most will either be machine sewn shut or have a clunky cushion style zipper. If you ever need to launder any custom pillow covers you purchase from us, you just need to unzip it and take the insert out, get the cover cleaned, and then put the insert back in and zip it closed.

Customize Your Inserts With Custom Pillows

Have you ever bought a very puffy pillow only to have it get hard and lumpy in a short time? You have more options with the type of insert than that hard polyester with custom pillows. A down/feather blend insert gives you the most comfort and can be re-fluffed when necessary. For people who are allergic to down, there are better quality polyester inserts available that give you similar look and feel of down. We can order inserts in any shape and size, so the sky is the limit to truly make your custom pillows one of a kind.

Pillows complete a room and they need to be beautiful as well as comfortable. Contact us and we will help 586-254-4713.

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