Cleaning Custom Window Treatments: Keep your view beautiful!

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Do your custom window treatments need cleaning?

Cleaning Custom Window Treatments: Where do you take them?

Are your custom fabric window treatments looking tired, dusty, gray or dirty? They probably need to be professionally cleaned, but don’t take them to the same place that you take your shirts and suits! Custom window treatments are an investment. They are not the same as store bought ready made panels or valances. They require special handling to protect your investment from getting ruined. Be sure to find a reputable dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning custom drapery and curtains.

Cleaning custom window treatments

Here are some questions to ask when looking to have your custom window treatments cleaned:

  • Do they have the expertise to safely clean all window treatments?
  • Do they use a professional drapery installer to remove and rehang your treatments?
  • Do they guarantee that they will hang as good as new?
  • Do they have a measured process to reduce shrinkage?
  • Do they use steam when rehanging to give your articles that beautiful look and feel?
  • Do they take pictures to insure that intricate treatments hang exactly they way they did when they were new?
  • Are they able to perform repairs on your treatments and hardware?
  • Do they come highly recommended?


Who do we recommend for cleaning custom window treatments?

We work with Chet’s Cleaning. They are not a regular dry cleaners that cleans clothing. They clean everything for the interior of your home. We trust them to treat your items with the care that is required.

Call us today to set up an appointment and get a jump on Spring Cleaning! 586-254-4713

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