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Has this ever happened to you with discontinued fabric?

After an exhausting search you chose a fabric, fall in love with it, and then find out it is a discontinued fabric! Even worse–there is only a limited amount of yardage available. OH NO!

It is the perfect color, pattern, and texture that you’ve imagined in your space and nothing else you’ve looked at even comes close to being right for your room. What do you do?

We have some options for you

1.Use Discontinued Fabric as a Color Block

Consider using the fabric as a color block, either at the top or bottom of drapery panels. Choose a complementary solid fabric as the main fabric. If there is enough fabric you can also use it as a banding at the side hem of your curtains or drapery panels.

Disconued fabric



2. Use Discontinued Fabric as a Valance

A second solution would be to have a valance made from the fabric using a trim or contrast fabric to give it a custom look. If you need some privacy, just add a Hunter Douglas or Norman shade underneath.



3. Discontinued Fabric is Great for Pillows

You can always have custom pillow made with the fabric. Pillows are a great way to finish a room and marry all the fabrics and colors within the room together. Consider unusual sizes or shapes to really have them make a statement.

We are always happy to help our designers and customers make their visions become a reality, even with limited amount of the perfect fabric. Contact us to find out how. 586-254-4713

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